Freshest Shellfish Ever – from the deep and really raw

Hello, everyone! This is my first post on Food Party ever, so go easy on me. Here I am in Iceland where I have been for the past year.

jess in the lava near our favorite hot spring

I recently went on a trip to Snæfellsnes where there is a tiny fishing village called Stykkisholmer. From here I took a boat around the islands in the fjörd. The boat tour was called the “Unique Adventure Tour” and we saw lots of cute birds and nests including Puffin (which I hear are very tasty), White-Tailed Eagles, Skags, and Eider Ducks. Aside from the variety of bird-life, the highlight of the tour was at the very end when the sailors drop the trawl and comb the seabed for fresh shellfish! Here are the highlights:

Pulling up the net/trawl

The catch

Grumpy sailor opening the scallops

A very confused scallop

The options include raw scallops, crab roe (EGGS!), and sea urchins with white wine to wash it down

Jess (the vegetarian) tries raw scallops for the first time. Mmm….salty!