One night, Emily Weidemann had the bright idea to cook dinner in the dishwasher. She supplied the fresh fish and leftovers, and I brought over some perogies and artichokes.

The dishwasher only got about as hot as around 225 degrees or so in the dry cycle, so things that need reheated, or don’t need much to cook did well (fish, reheated pasta, perogies). The artichokes totally failed. I tried putting the artichokes through a few more cycles in the dishwasher, but after about 3 cycles, I realized it was pretty silly and futile, and gave up on the artichokes. We ate everything else, and it was totally fine!

Meat Lollipop


Here is a fried chicken recipe that my dad made for me once when I was little. It makes the meat look like a lollipop. This recipe is good for the children that always want the salt, not the sweet snack, so in this case, this substitutes well for the candy apple or the lollipop. This also satisfies any “food on a stick” craving you might have since the drumstick has it’s own built-in stick. You must use drumstixxx for this recipe or the drumette (wing drumstick).

First you have to brine your chicken. This only entails dumping your raw chicken into a pot of cold water and adding some salt and sugar to it. Let it soak for as long as you have patience for (at least an hour, up to a day). After doing so, strain your meat in a colander.

Next is where the MAGIC happens. Cut around the bone towards the bottom, and then PULL the meat UP to separate the meat from the bone. I remember my dad was able to flip it inside out, but maybe I was dreaming.

dscn0285.jpg dscn0282.jpg dscn0280.jpg

The batter I used to fry this chicken was actually just a simple pancake batter with added honey, salt, pepper, and chopped parsley. Any instant pancake mix is good, like bisquik or jiffy or generic.

Also, I like to toss the raw chicken in a plastic bag with some flour in it to soak up any moisture on the surface of the skin so that the batter sticks to it better.

Heat up a pan to get ready to DEEP FRY. Fill the pan up with enough oil so that the chicken can be submerged HALFWAY, allowing for longer cooking time.

Here we go! Hold the drumstick by the bone and DIP IT! SWIRL that shit AROUND!!! (Just the ball of meat in the batter, keep that bone DRY.)

dscn0288.jpg dscn0289.jpg

And then deep fry the shit out of it!

dscn0311.jpg dscn0327.jpg dscn0306.jpg

Cooking chicken takes a long time, so have patience. Thorough cooking is important especially with sketchy chicken farming, diseases, and bird flu being very popular! Cook the chicken for about 8 minutes on one side, the flip it over and do the same at a low-medium flame.

Here is the result! It’s fried chicken but weird. Very tasty dipped in honey and sriracha. ENJOY!