Our host goes through some drama with her beloved baguette. Features a special guest voice-over by Andrew W. K. Also includes a bonus CD of original music soundtrack of Food Parties past and present by our very own Matt Fitzpatrick. Double disc, baby. $15.00 plus shipping. SOLD OUT!!



Re-eggsploring the egg, featuring Yolk-O Oh-No as a special guest. DVD also includes bonus shorts, special commentary and more. $10.00 plus shipping. SOLD OUT!! Check later.




Contains the first two episodes, featuring Jay-Z, Beyonce, and LeBron James as featured guests. $12.00 plus shipping.






Measures roughly 12 inches in pure love. Each doll is made to order, so fabrics and flavors may vary, but each doll will always be appetizing. Courtesy of the Kreepy Doll Factory. $22.99 plus shipping.




Now you can look like Satan!! Made in HELL. Self adhesive. $6.66 includes shipping.




MEAT COMICS, issue #1

by Lisa Ramsey

Totally awesome comics if you are into really good drawings, and tripped out jokes about tampons and/or canned corn. More than meets the eye. Self-published and hand-stapled comic by Lisa herself. This is very good. Only 7 bucks and that includes shipping!!!


Le Drink de Budget Bourgeois

by Thu Tran, illustrated by Sandra Chi

Cookbook of beverage recipes, Full color 8″x8″, 20 pages.


Peter Van Hyning

by Peter Van Hyning

Here is a book of drawings by our very own Peter Van Hyning. Peter has played a snowman, Jack Frost, Satan, a cop, an Italian chef, and various other characters in our Food Party series. In addition to these characters, Peter is also a talented artist. See for yourself! Get it!!


A Day in the Life of Peter Van Hyning

by Thu Tran

Follow Peter Van Hyning’s life through the course of one day. Black and white illustrated story. It’s a book for adults who like children’s books. 8″x8″, 31 pages. Get it!!!



You can donate to our FOOD PARTY FUND. Proceeds go towards food, supplies, props, paint, hot glue, duct tape, masking tape, packing tape, glitter, pom poms, caviar, foie gras, sparks, beer, coca cola, dv tapes, av equipment, fabric for puppets, organic meat, cat food, cheese puffs, food glue, and all things essential to making Food Party videos. Donors will be sent a surprise custom made gift. Your help is greatly appreciated.



  1. Great Site! I was just directed here by a friend (bad-b) and ended up reading almost every word! Love your blog posts, you’re 100% quirky, creative and silly, which I can totally respect!

    Keep it coming! I’m bookmarking the shit out of this site!

  2. ASo, is there a compilation DVD with more than one episode? I’d like to own as many Food Party episodes as possible. Only seen 2 so far, but “Applesode” was practically life changing. Keep it up Thu!

  3. My new favorite old show….FOOD PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If i lived close by to where it is filmed, and i was close, i would gladly joyously most definitely help for freeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! My next project is to make a velvet painting of Thu for my kitchen inspiration for cooking when i cook! YAAAAY!!!

  4. i am loving thu and the show food partys

    i want an edible food partys t-shirt to wear

    and maybe eat later

    thanks you all,

  5. We would like to see food party paraphernalia, such as t-shirts and mugs! We live in a creepy suburb and would like to promote Thu Tran”s nutty genius.

  6. I REALLY REALLY want a Winty Doll for my daughter. Any posters, or other stuff would be great too, this is mine and my 14 yr old daughters absolute favorite show.!! How about Thu travels and does live shows- I’d totally pay $$ to go see her.

  7. My Birthday has long since come and gone, but I still want a whole set!!! Please make that possible, I love this show!!

  8. I also want the complete series on DVD. I would trade a bunch of money for it. Sad that this is show is probably lost to the sands of history.

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