Making Bananas look like Bacon

Have you ever tried to turn your bananas in to something that resembled bacon and failed? I stumbled on the secret for success by accident tonight.

In Kaua’i, bananas are different. Most people here seem to grow all kinds of crazy fruit in their backyard, and these apple bananas are no different. They are stubby little bananas, that have a nice tang and floral flavor. I’ve taken a picture here with a standard sized bic lighter as a scale reference:

There was quite a plethora of apple bananas at the house that I’m staying, so I thought making BANANA JERKY would be a nice way to preserve them.

  • First I sliced them length-wise in fourths.
  • Then I placed them on a baking tray.
  • I put them in the oven that I had set at 275 F.
  • Every half hour or so, I cracked the oven open to vent out the moisture.
  • About 2-3 hours later, you have banana jerky.

The bananas are not crispy here. They are CHEWY!! It’s also cool how they turn a little bit red when they are cooked. I cook-dried them out in the oven until the shrank. They STICK to the pan though!! To bake them on, I wished I had a SIL-PAT handy, or some parchment or wax paper!! I pried them up with a pointy off-set metal spatula.

They don’t really look like bacon here on this plate, but if you hold a piece underneath some direct light, it’s quite an illusion how much it looks like bacon!


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