Yummus Hummus

Do you guys remember Sean Biloski, our special guest star who crashed thru the Food Party kitchen, and also my heart? (Season 2, episode 203: “Thu Strikes it Rich”, episodes 219-220 “Thu and Bu”)

Besides being an amazing actor and model, he is also the co-owner of an amazing new hummus restaurant in Bushwick, Brooklyn, along with Jay and Elissa Ehlin, our enameling friends at KILN enamel. These are the coolest, nicest people ever.

If you live in Brooklyn, especially in the Bushwick area, definitely check out Yummus Hummus at 55 Waterbury Street.

Danny B and I went there for dinner, and both got the “Baked Bulb” hummus, which is hummus with a whole roasted garlic clove on top. I ate the entire bulb so fast. It really ruled to eat that much garlic all at once. I also got the “Reta” salad on the side, which is roasted red pepper salad with feta and capers. It was delightful.

Excuse these crude photos, I only remembered to after we had massacred our meal.

I really mangled this garlic bulb!! You will too!! I recommend this place whole heartedly.


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