jo-jo’s shave ice

What a winty little place this is. Kandi Everett (who I had just met 2 days ago, and who is amazing) and I went to Jo-jo’s Shave Ice after an afternoon of staring out at the Kalalau valley at Koke State Park and taking in the views at Waimea Canyon.

What is really fun about Jo-jo’s is that there is an option to put ice cream UNDERNEATH your shaved ice! You know how the problem with shaved ice is how it might get boring to eat after a while? Putting ice cream underneath solves this problem. And you know how sometimes ice cream might be too rich to eat a lot of, watering it down with some shaved ice really helps. This was a perfect little dessert.

I got the “Picknick special” which was watermelon and lemonade shaved ice over macadamia nut ice cream.

Kandi’s was way better. Hers had coconut syrup and coconut cream shaved ice over macademia nut ice cream, with shredded coconut on top. You would think that this might be too overwhelming with coconut flavors, but I learned in this scenario, that there can never really be too much coconut. This shave ice cup was rich, refreshing, and awesome.

Here is Kandi and me! After an afternoon of looking at some EPIC landscapes, this was the perfect way to cap it off.



  1. Dear Thu,

    Unfortunately, I fail, I don’t read your blogs and have never kept up, but did you ever try a moko loco?

    And again, Dear Thu, I’m gonna dress up to be you from Food Party, and am lacking ideas. What would you recommend to wear??? ^-^ My boyfriend will be Satan.

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