People Used To Have Shorter Lifespans

I can barely make out the text, but I think that is cheese stuffed/covered hotdogs in a bath or creamed corn and mustard.

Madmen seems to be pretty popular these days and people are having viewing parties where they dress the part, drink the drinks, and pretend like it’s the 50’s. I don’t watch the show (yeah I know) but I do like to pretend like I’m from the 50’s, except in my world I’m a time traveller from the 1980’s. I digress.
I recently stumbled upon Retrospace, a pretty amazing site chronicling all sorts of stuff from times past. Considering my weird interest/obsession with f’ed up junk food, i went directly to the Gastro-Abominations section and perused the images. I guess to go full circle, is anybody having Madmen viewing parties where they are serving some of this gnarly cuisine? And if so, can I come?
Asides from the image up top, here are some more of my favorites:

I guess this is meat wrapped around celery covered in some sort of cheese?

This really isn’t that crazy, I just think it’s a cool ad and concept.

And this image which won’t show up for whatever reason. I can imagine some executive being like “Well have YOU tried it? That’s what I thought so JUST DO IT.”

The whole site seems to be full of treasures, and I’ve just barely cracked the surface. Here’s another one of my favorites, this one from the Retro Ads section.
Despite my appearance and tendencies, I was never a fan of Dungeons and Dragons. Believe it or not.

Anything on the site make you smile?



  1. That Dungeons and Dragons ad is fantastic, I’ve never seen it before. What really gets me is how the foreground guy is seemingly being rejected by the rest of the gamers. I’m a big game nerd, but even I might draw a line at playing with a kid who wears coveralls.

    Big game nerd point: That’s the first edition of the Basic D&D rulebook that guy is holding, as opposed to the red cover version that came later. The first edition came with an adventure called In Search of the Unknown, later editions came with The Keep on the Borderlands. I thought the Unknown vs Keep on the Borderlands line was drawn with the change of the cover, but this ad would indicate otherwise.

    Anyways, you would probably be more interested in my telling you that my grandmother used to make bacon-inside-the-pancake things simliar to the Black Hawk bacon add. She’d crunch the bacon up some, though, and add it silver dollar sized pancakes.

    A fan,

    tim h

  2. i like how defiant that kid looks. like even amongst outsiders, he is an outsider. or maybe hes just the dungeon master.

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