3 Great Potato Chip Flavors

I ate these chips over a year ago!!! I even went thru the trouble of scanning the bags!! But the flavor is memorable!! I’ll never forget….


Grippo’s Hot Dill Pickle potato chips, I ate these chips in Cincinnati on a trip with Peter Van Hyning and Nick Pinkerton. Nick says these are native to the Cincinnati region, and I believe him. These are awesome. It’s about 50/50 powdered dill flavoring and flaming hot flavoring, but more on the Utz end of things, as opposed to Lay’s.

Herr’s Ketchup chips are my favorite chips right now. There is an awesome MSG aftertaste, which compliments the tomato powder very well. Eating too fast will give you an MSG buzz. Compliments beer and cheeseburgers. They also nailed the lycopene flavoring here as well.

Smith’s Bacon Flavour Fries are pretty amazing. First of all, it’s shaped like a Sun Chip, which I guess mimics the the wavy form of bacon. Secondly, the chips are processed like Pringles, except the potato texture is COARSE instead of smooth the way Pringles are. It gave the chips a Munchos quality without the bubbles. And the bacon flavoring is closer to Bacos than bacon. Oh, and when you buy a small bag, there are 6 chips in the bag!!



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