2010 GSS jello mold competition highlights

This happened June 26th, 2010. These photos have been sitting in my camera for a little while now, which is great because it was able to preserve this memory for me! So apparently according to these photos, I remembered that I hosted the Jell-o Mold Design Competition at the Gowanus Studio Space. I got to eat all the jell-o I ever wanted to eat, and there were some awesome ones and also some that looked really crazy! Jello is crazy because you can make it look and taste however you want, and what makes it jello is the fact that it is jiggly, and flavored, and molded. I had a great time!!!!

Here are a few that I ate there:

Apple pie, everything here was jello, even the crust. This contestant made velvet cake and the pink coconut donut as well. These tasted awesome, and I’m pretty sure they won the Flavor Award as well.

This sushi was made with agar agar. Someone always pulls out the agar agar at the jello competition, and nine times out of ten they are asian and they know what they are talking about. This sushi was fruity and refreshing without the horse hoof aftertaste.

Tiles. These were awesomely sugary.

I can’t lie, didn’t eat these oysters, which were oyster and beer flavored? I pussied out.

I didn’t eat these either.

There were a few people really into this Pill theme.

This is classic. These were surprisingly pleasurably bitter as well because of it setting in the rind.

These CUPS were made of JELLO.

Not sure….

I can’t remember what this tasted like!! It was weeks ago!!

I was a little psyched on these really crazy tray presentations.

And CORN!! hahaha!! This person probably wins the WTF award, with their corn light bulb chandelier. The jellos here were deliciously savory.

This was the GRAND PRIZE winner this year. These bloody virgin mary’s were actually very strong in Vodka flavor as well. The flavor is unforgettably a solidified well-crafted bloody mary.

More pills…

I was really psyched on this as well and would probably win second place in the WTF category. These are inspired by the boobtacular turd processing plant in Greenpoint!! The flavor was a very pleasant raspberry vanilla.

This is supposed to depict the recent oil spill disaster.

This depicts something really crazy.

These crafty contestants made a Tiffany Lamp. The metal part is gum paste.

These trophy heads were my second favorite next to the bloody mary’s in the flavor category. It’s pork flavored and beef flavored. They tasted just like refrigerated pho broth.

These were the cute ribbons the winners took home. Congratulations!!!



    1. Jonelle, This has to be one of the most unusual tihgns you’ve put on this blog. What age group are we talking about here? Aren’t children too busy to play or think about this kind of game? You have now become one of my can’t miss a day reads, and you constantly amaze me. With much love, Aunty Nat Sent via DroidX2 on Verizon Wireless™

  1. I think I usually buy Dreyers and seitemmos they have it seasonally at Baskin Robbins. I’m sure Trader Joe’s will come out with an amazing pumpkin ice cream, especially since I no longer live near one. How I miss that store. I used to shop there weekly when I lived in Southern California but there are none in Florida ridiculous!

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