Food Painting

Today, i was eating one of my favorite snacks, Flamin’ Hint of Lime Cheetos, and saw a little blurb on the bag asking “What can you do with 28 Cheetos” which is the approximate size of one serving. So i looked on their web site and was invited into a whole world of amazing things people do with 28 Cheetos.

It was there that I discovered Eclectic Asylum, who does all of these photo-realistic drawings and paintings out of food and lipstick and all kinds of stuff.  One of my favorites is “Speed Painting on velvet with crumbled Cheetos.”

and this one of Conan O’Brien


Cheetos is  not all this guy does, check out this amazing portrait of Morgan Spurlock from Supersize Me, made with ketchup and fries!!!



  1. Wow, Dave. Great find. I am impressed and also visited by the urge to consume orange cheese powdered corn snackfood.

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