Tonight I had a really bad night.  I found out that my bike is irreparable unless really good looking parts are replaced.  FART!  This can’t be happening.  So to comfort myself I bought some gummi worms.  They cheer me up!  But the gummi worms I purchased… may god have mercy on their tiny souls for the poor flavorings they offered me.  TOO SHORT! TOO BLAND!  I swear to Christ on his gosh darn cross one of them was cinnamon flavored.  UNHEARD OF!!!  This is horrible.  Why am I telling all about this?  To spread my misery?  NO!  and yes.  I once thought there was no such thing as a bad gummi.  I thought there was only good, better, and best gummis.  Long, tender, sweet.  Beware it is not so!  OH GOD!  You think you can trust a thingy and a thingy lets you down.  People can break my heart all day long but a bad gummi?  FOR CRYING IN A BUCKET!

So you know what else?  I wanted to instead get for myself a consistant and reliable snack condiment: coleman’s mustard, the best mustard.  The store was closed!  WHY ME!  You know what else is bad?  TEENAGERS.  They’re too young.  Why do they dress like that?  Do they know they look SO STUPID?



  1. Lol nice rant you got there. I totally understand where you’re coming from. Just wasnt your day was it? Damn gummis =p. Well i hope you’ve had better days since then. Love your blog! keep writing!

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