Antonio Velotta at 14 years old

This is Antonio Velotta, and he is so funny and amazing.  He is a very talented hair artist who cuts my hair and the hair of many many others.


He recently celebrated his 30th birthday at the McDonald’s at Time Square.



When he was 14 years old back in the nineties, he made these really wild videos with his little sister Cristina. Recently, I offered to edit them down for him for youtube. Here are a few:::

This last one is Antonio pretending to be Lorena Bobbitt. NSFW!! Play at your own risk!!



    1. Lisa – I love your blog! You touch on so many important scbejuts. I shall continue following as the little sprout becomes more like baby and less like amphibious embryo.As far as favorite fruits and veggies – love them all. Think butternut squash and brussel sprouts top the list as my favorites. I don’t think brassicas are that great for baby’s first foods though (difficult to digest). Whatever the case may be, I will certainly be making all of the baby’s food from scratch.

  1. I seriously one night went to hang out with my friends, we ended up coming back to my friends house to watch movies. They showed me Food party… and I loved every minutie of it. Your seriously my hero now!

    It was so creative, and astonished me. Esppecially the show when your dress flys off and you have the “naked, pussy kat” on and then dive down for cavir. I busted up laughing.

    🙂 thank you. I love the creativeness it reminds of of the creative wacky things I think of at times.

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