Let’s spend some time with Candy Corn

Hey kids it’s that time of year, Fall is here. Time to begrudgingly pull out sweaters and scarves. Time for every store to start putting out Christmas decorations, because  Halloween is less than a month away.  And thanks  to that much poo poo-ed tradition of capitalist  holiday enthusiasm, one of my favorite candies has been out on the shelves for months, and that means lots and lots of opportunity for gorging on CANDY CORN!

A study back in 2001 found that annual production that year was 20 million pounds, which is approximately 8.3 billion kernels!! Which is crazy considering how few people i know are as koo-koo for them as i am. When the candy debuted in the 1900’s its process was so revolutionary that people went ga-ga, but at that time production was done entirely by hand, from the production of the cornstarch molds to the hand pouring of the 45 pound ladles of steaming sugary goodness… all by hand. This was back in the day when every factory job was crazy dangerous, even candy corn production. “how did your grampa die again?” “Oh he was killed by a giant ladle of the orange color in candy corn.” “oh man, that’s  tough.”

Eat it!


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