ribs and cellphones

Here is a Nokia cell phone web blog video I am in. Features music by White Williams. The dinner I am making here is black cherry cola ribs, shrimp and peach spring rolls, fried dough dipped tofu with powdered sugar, and scallion buttered stove-burner-grilled corn. We ate this a couple weeks ago. I oven baked these ribs, and embarrassingly burned them a little! (I’m still so bad at oven-cooking, I admit it!!) Still decent ribs, if not jerkey-ish, which is totally acceptable to me. Check out our favorite hair artist extraordinaire, Antonio Velotta’s, amazing pose in the final still of the video. He blew dried my hair that day!!! He can do yours as well!

The guys who filmed this, Andrew Hinton, Daniel Trapp, and Josh Neale were pretty cool, really British, in their thirties, nice, handsome, really into eating different things, and hanging out. Check it out, it’s wild.



  1. Hey Thu!
    Im just some random chick in California, but I just wanted to let you know that you’re AWESOME!
    Man I wanna chill with Thu Tran!! I am totally diggin your persona and charisma haha 🙂 You’re so funny, it seems like the person you are on food party, is the person you are at any party lol you’re cooking skills are superb too 🙂
    Seriously, you and your team are rockin the internet world. GREAT JOB!
    Much love!

    Ps: i know this comment is totallyy irrelevant to this entry.. lol

  2. PSS: it makes me so proud to see an energetic, independent, and artistic asian woman like yourself! 🙂 im a first gen. vietnamese girl aspiring to be a great artist living in NYC!! You’re my herooo 😀

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