Figuratively Dark Ice Cream

I am an ally of ice cream. I support it in all seasons and for all occasions. A few days ago I discovered Laloo’s goats milk ice cream at my local food co-op and promptly bought a pint of Black Mission Fig. I was curious about how the earthiness of goat product (their meat has that same goaty dirtiness that the milk does) would work with the earthiness of the figs and I was left with wonderful feelings. My first bite surprised me because the fig flavor is so strong that the ice cream almost seems more like something that should exist in a small, sassy dollop and not the main event. It begins on a creamy caramel note and ends in an almost savory, goaty, mushroomy funk. It brings to mind a scene- the dead and the living feeding overripe fruits to one another on a velvet picnic blanket in an autumnal graveyard. Then the dead devouring the living and fashioning the picnic spread into a crude gown. Tawdry, unlikely, and pretty goth, but in the end it was a good time and I have gained a wealth of calories while expanding my palate to undead extremes. You should try it!

Nocturnal Yum Yum
Nocturnal Yum Yum

If you need more figgy things in your life, I highly recommend this black fig soap crafted by and indie soap-making company called Savor. Find it here (they run out of it periodically, but I think it will come back):



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