Beat It, Beat it up (with EGG references)

A little bit of background on this; I’m actually a little late on posting this, they put this out a couple weeks ago, but about 2 months ago I g0t a phone call at around 1:00 AM on a weekday evening from a familiar voice I had not heard from in a long time. I looked at my phone and my caller ID said “CX KiDTRONiK” but actually, it was from Kiko the Dealer (or TchaKa DiallO) calling from his cellphone. The voice says to me, “Hey Thu, we are at Andrew’s house. We are making a music video right now. We would like you to be in it.”

And then he continues, “Can you bring over some eggs? We’re going to need those. You know, the song is “Beat it Up,” so we can beat some eggs.”

I was actually getting myself ready to lay in bed and play video games on my Nintendo DS. An hour later, I finally get up off my butt and mosey over. It’s only a short 5 block walk.  Luckily, I still had 2 cartons of eggs sitting in the fridge, which actually came from our Food Party shoot from at least 4 months ago, which means the eggs used in this video, is at least that old. Notice Kiko eating the eggs, it is incredible and gross. I scrambled a lot of eggs that night.  When CX attacked me with that egg beater, I cracked up so hard. I got to Andrew’s house around 2am and left around 430am. I walked home wet, clean and egg-free.

These guys are really amazing funny and crazy, and I love their music. Check them out live when you can, it is really fun. You can listen to it on Myspace. Here is one of their pictures::


Love, Thu



  1. Hey Thu,

    That was exactly what happen! Your memory is remarkable. Thanks a million times! It would have been nothing without you!

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