Hi guys! This weekend I found myself in Los Angeles again, for one day, and we stopped at the most charming little hot dog place before leaving for the airport to go to Lake Tahoe for a Yoga/Music Festival. Let me get back to talking about these hot dogs.

Actually before that, I can try to give you a little background on this place. Scheid and Chris Duffy breifly mentioned before we got here that this aparently had been a really hot spot for rowdy drunks to go to after attending punk and hardcore shows at nearby clubs. It was common catchphrase at some point after a rowdy show to say “see ya at oki dog’s”.

After some mild googling, I learned that the “oki dog” was invented by an Okinawan, named Sakai “Jimmy” Sueyoshi, who moved to America in the 70s, and eventually opened up a hot dog stand to make a dollar. It was open late and located near Hollywood nightclubs and featured a signature dish: a burrito filled with 2 hotdogs, pastrami, and chili cheese. This is exactly what you want when you are sweaty and wasted, right? He is so smart. You can read more about the history here.

Anyway, we went on a hot afternoon, for most of us including me, this was my first meal of the day, so it was a little intimidating. I love this menu so hard, because everything about it rules.


I went for the Oki Dog with a Pepsi, one of the more intense breakfasts I’ve ever had. The Oki Dog seriously looked at me in the face with its hotdog EYES and laughed at me with its pastrami LIPS as I bit into it. I looked at it back straight in its eyes, and it still intimidated me. I felt fear for one of the few times in my life at the fact that my food was looking back at me, staring me down like a champion heavyweight contender, and winning. It beat me, too. I only made it halfway through. I left with my head hanging down, defeated. I’ll be back for a rematch next chance I get.


Oh, and for one more dollar, you can get french fries comparable in quality and quantity to the ones from the Dirty O in Pittsburgh. Except krispier.

I liked this sign on the wall telling you what is in an Oki Dog. PS, you’re eating 3 variations of meat at once. Check out MUST tard. And the smily faces. And the creative spelling. And the penmanship of this sign totally belongs to someone who is constantly saying “Fuck Yeah!!” to himself in his head :


I realized in no other city do I enjoy hot dogs more than I do in Los Angeles. Not a nathan’s hot dog, a papaya dog, a hot dog from Steve’s in Cleveland, a coney from Skyline in Cincinatti, compare to these LA street dogs. The night before going to Oki Dog’s, before going to bed, I had a very sinful eating experience. I wandered around looking for snack around 230 am and saw a lady selling delicious hotdogs from a little push cart very similar to the ones I had outside of The Smell last year. These big dogs are grilled, wrapped in bacon, topped with grilled peppers and onions, and ketchup, mustard and MAYO!! I thanked her graciously and brought it back to my hotel room and ate it in bed.



  1. thu tran this hot dog(s) looks delicious, MMMM

    have you ever tried a Yocco’s hot dog, they are my favorite hot dogs in the world 😀

  2. wow you went for the the danger dog AND the oki dog, which i must say that ive never heard of but am pretty blown away by. doesnt pinks also do the 2 hotdogs in a tortilla thing?

  3. They feature Oki-Dog in “What We Do Is Secret”, a movie about the late 70s punk band The Germs with the main focus on the singer, Darby Crash. There are some scenes with the whole Germs crew eating at Oki-Dog after shows. Just thought you might like to know!

  4. This is not the Original Oki Dog…which was actually called Danny’s Dogs on Santa Monica Blvd not Fairfax. “Oki Dogs” on Santa Monica was the after hours punk scene hang out.aup

      1. Please don’t start the dog vs. baby war already.You are tanlkig about a DOG he has no way of knowing that toys he can get at are not for him why would he?You need to keep your baby’s toys where your dogs can’t get to them, not start a problem of dog vs. baby (one of the biggest reasons dogs get dumped when the new baby arrives).Not the dog’s responsibility, it’s yours. Please think this through and don’t make an issue where there is none just keep the baby toys out of reach, you should be monitoring the dogs with the baby at all times anyway and it’s not exactly sanitary to have the baby and his toys where the dogs can lick either.

  5. Danny’s on SM used to have the most ridiculous double teriyaki cheeseburgers. Danny would bounce around all day taking orders yelling at the cooks to move faster and flailing his arms and body around wildly while turning orders around in record time. Those were the days.

  6. I started hanging out at the Oki Dog on S.M. Blvd. as a kid back in 1981, a few years after I got in to punk, which is where I met the punk gang called the L.A.D.S.(L.A. Death Squad) and they nicknamed me “Captain Anarchy”. I have a lot of fond memories growing up hanging out there, those were some great times and I miss that place and time in my life a lot. This was a 24/7 punk rock hangout, and was especially always swarmed with punks after gigs. “Long hair’s” hung out there too, but they often got their asses handed to them by the punks.

    These days I usually grab a bite at the one on Pico & Redondo, as it’s closer to my pad on the Westside, but if I’m in Hollywood I hit up the one on Fairfax. I’m cool with either location though, as I’m a punk, so in other words I look like a “street freak” and thus I roll through whatever hood like a “gyro”. Funny thing is I have long hair now though, and actually usually look more like a heavy metal guy most of the time ~ LOL !

    A lot of people think these spots are just greasy meateries, but they also make a killer veggie burrito that’s not on the menu. And if I’m not mistaken the reason behind the name “Oki Dog” is because this is the owner’s spin on how they serve hot dogs in Okinawa, where he was originally from. I can still hear him screaming; “Oki, Oki, Oki !”, and I still see him sometimes at the one on Pico, so if he’s there then I do it to him instead when I walk in the door ~ LOL !

    But man do I remember a lot of punks puking up that greasy chili after a night full of filling their bellies with Rainier Ale… hell, I think that I was one of them too, on more than one occasion ~ LOL

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