Fruit Soup

It is so HOT and HUMID today. WHAT A HOT JULY EVENING!! As a fun little refreshing treat, I made some fruit soup. It is very easy to prepare as you will see.

First, choose 3 exotic tropical fruits. Mine came in cans. I chose RAMBUTAN, LYCHEE, and JACKFRUIT. The bonus of fruit in cans is that it comes with a delicious fruit infused syrup, which is a great addition to the soup.


Get a large bowl, and dump the contents of the three cans into it, syrup and all. Put the bowl in the fridge to chill.


While that is chilling, I would like to introduce you to a very great thing. This is a small bag of multi-colored 5-minute tapioca pearls:


As you can see, it was $1.69. To prepare the tapioca, get a huge pot of water going and let it come to a boil. Empty the bag into the water and start gently stirring it around. They’re ready when they start to float.


Afterwards, I strained and ran it under some cold water, so that they are cold and not hot anymore.


So now, all you have to do is dump the cold pearls into your fruit bowl in the fridge, and THEN, you grab a can of coconut milk , shake it up, and open it with a can opener, and then dump THAT into the bowl as well. Give it a GOOD STIR!



And that’s it really. It’s really good. To serve, I ladled into rice bowls and added an ice cube or two to the soup. It makes it extra cold, and also, the soup is quite sweet and rich, so as the ice melts, the cold broth becomes extremely chuggable. Easy!!!




  1. you are incredible!
    today it is the hottest day and I have exactly those three cans in the pantry.
    and, I only have $3 so I can afford the tapioca pearls.

    thu tran, you’ve done it again!

  2. summer is passing and soon will be over, but of all these posts from the summer I’ve been reviewing, this really brings it back for me. And this looks delicious!! Good lord!

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