A Surprise Gift, Clue: it’s a SWEET POTATO

So, someone from Dublin Ohio had sent me a Facebook message about a very special sweet potato that they had found at their local grocery store, and thought it was a good idea to send it to me. I agreed, and I didn’t believe she would really send me, but sure enough, it arrived today in a Fed Ex box. First I was scared because I forgot about this interaction, and I had no idea, nor was I expecting a package from anyone. It could have been a bomb or poison, or a variety of other things, but to my sheer delight, I was welcomed with such a wonderful gift. Luckily I had a digital camera at hand to document my reaction. Thanks Danny B for taking these pictures.








I thought instead of eating it, I would like to have it live forever. So I put it in my pot so that it can grow and flourish for as long as I am alive. Thank you sweet potato fairy, for giving such a unique potato baby.



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