Jello-Mold Competition Results

I had the honor of being a judge at this past Saturday’s Jello-Mold Competition at the Gowanus Studio Space. It was very exciting, this was my first time being a food judge, so I was careful to inspect each entry very carefully. Check out all these crazy entries::

This was cast from a halved plastic piggy bank. The flavor was nice– lime, chocolate and mint!


This black and white face is based on a character from Star Trek and has an underlying message about racial harmony. It is cast from William Shatner’s face. The flavor is coconut and rum.


This one is supposed to look like a little bird digging for worms. This is cast from tupperware.


This is one of the more experimental ones. The jello is used to replicate shrink wrap. The flavors were savory, pickly, and spicy. Interesting!!


I LOVED this egg carton.IMG_6185

This one was flavored with BEER!!


This one was called “Jello Roe.” It was made to look like giant caviar. There was roe in the jello balls. It tasted wild. And very beautiful!


This one had A LOT going on! It’s a jello cheeseburger with fries. Each color is a different flavor. Most notably, the ground beef is flavored with chocolate, and the tomato jello was very interesting as well!! The lettuce was cast in actual iceberg lettuce leaves! Nice attention to detail!!



Devilled eggs! Very accurate representation! I forgot what these taste like though, oops!


This one had QUITE the epic story behind it. It is about the story of how Vietnamese banh mi traveled on a boat to get to America or Vietnam, I don’t remember actually (nervously pulling my collar!) The forms are made with agar jelly which is a traditional ingredient in Vietnamese molded desserts. The artist had a disaster upon setting up and all that survived is the water and some rice noodle jelly fish. This shit is deep.


This was a very traditional take on jello desserts with different pie recipes. Let me tell you, these were so delicious. I really loved the banana cream one. Arguably the most edible dish at this contest, I would eat any of these slices in its entirety!!


Very interesting chess pieces!! Can you see the checkerboard underneath? Fruit flavored.


This is a boob. It was cast from the jello artist’s own boob. All the flavors were hand-squeezed. If I can remember, it contained watermelon, and peach, and then the inside was flavored with a creamy and smoky lapsang souchong. It was good!


This is cast from a fossil! Nice casting! Loved the white pepper flavoring in the white part!


This one had a really great tart and spicy flavor!!


This one was wild. It casts hollow jello spheres. Just think about it. It’s a spinning and rotating mold powered with a motor.


This one is a tribute to Jasper Johns’ lightbulb. This one also had a great flavor– a sweet creamy jalapeno flavor. Very delicious!


This was such a lovely tableau! Rainbow piano keys, martini glass, devilled eggs, ashtray, dollar bill, black plexi, this one definitely had a very strong jazz bar vibe to it! Very clean presentation!


This one was the ABSINTHE one !! Very strong intense flavor! WHOAA!!


This one was the GRAND PRIZE winner of the Jello-mold competition, and it looked meticulous as hell!! Even the gold parts are edible– it’s made with gold-leafed gum paste. The jello flavors were fruity and clean, and so were their gem castings. Nice Work!!



Sarah Lohman, who works with the Feedbag, and has a great historical food blog, put together this really great video about the event:

It’s on vimeo, click here!!



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