After doing Bonnaroo in Tennessee, before leaving for the airport, we stopped at a charming little hamburger place called Krystal, which is basically a southern White Castle.


I kept it pretty simple and ordered lite (I just had some Panera Bread only a few hours prior), a double cheese krystal, which is an unassuming little burger that packs a mean little punch. Their bread is maybe only a little puffier than White Castle’s, and they put mustard on all their burgers.


I enjoyed some of the concepts they featured on their breakfast menu, which was no longer served at the time we arrived. If you can see from the photo I took, quite a few meals are offered in a cup, which they call “scramblers”, which I assume is pretty convenient for your morning commute to work. The pancake, sausage and scrambled egg one looks especially enticing to me. It must be nice to experience a meal like this, maybe layer by layer.


I also enjoyed some of their aggressive graphics, including ones featuring testimonials from loyal customers. I especially loved the one from Everett Duke who aced his exams, all thanks to Krystal burgers and free wi-fi.



One of their current slogans was “DANGUS!” Which highlights their excitement for their new angus beef sliders. Gregg and Kendall jumped on this great oppurtunity to have a little bit of fun with the sign.


Tennessee is beautiful…




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