Los Angeles


Peter Van Hyning and I were in Los Angeles very recently to promote our show, and I just wanted to review a couple places we ate at while we were there. We stayed in Venice Beach near the Santa Monica pier. The first place we went to was actually this little Hot Dog on a Stick!


The girl that works here hand-dips all the hot dogs in a very delicious cornmeal batter. Then she deep fries them to perfect golden brown perfection. We washed them down with these heavily dyed drinks. Cherry lemonade, and lime lemonade::


So SUGARY!!!!!!!!!!!  I still have a headache thinking about these drinks. Anyway, moving on.

We went to a Johnny Rockets Diner later on in the day. The most awesome part of that meal involved pigeons. Very rowdy pigeons!!! They were having the best time with an onion ring! I was fortunate enough to be able to capture some of their action on video. The food here is otherwise terrible. I had sliders and a side of fries, both were very uninspiring.

For some evening cocktails we stopped at Trader Vic’s in the Beverly Hilton Hotel. I didn’t take a good photo that would even summarize what this place is even like, so I found this photo from the LA Times, which sums it all up:


Except the night we were there it looked a little more like this (I took this photo):


Way more creeeeepy, but still cool. We all got tiki-style cocktails. They were very sugary and strong and delicious. Very fun names such as “the scorpion”, “the fog-cutter”, the classic “mai tai”, “honi honi”, “navy grog”, “pogo stick”, and “rangoon ruby.” We all got some cocktails and then shared a “scorpion bowl.”




Oh yeah, and how could I forget these DUCK TIDBITS! We accompanied our cocktails with fine snacks such as fried calamari and these totally weird “duck tidbits”. They were covered in a plum sauce which looked like chocolate and then dusted with crushed almonds. The duck meat was finely shredded and compressed into cubes. As a result, they looked like brownie bites. Not bad!


Day 2, we found ourselves at the most charming little breakfast place upon the recommendation of a good LA foodie. Cora’s Coffee Shoppe definitely is everything you want in a breakfast place: good eggs, good potatoes, good coffee, very friendly service.



We sat right at the counter, so we saw all the different varieties of delicious breakfast plates they had to offer as they were came and went from the counter in casual speed. We started off with a warm and buttery almond croissant and then did omelets. I had mine with prosciutto and cheddar, and my companions both got egg white spinach and mushroom. They were accompanied with one of the better preparations of a breakfast potato I’ve seen. It’s a 2 inch slice of an Idaho potato, fried, and as it cooks, they flatten it down a little the same way you would with a fried plantain. The result is this awesome little potato steak, that’s crispy on the outside, and dry and steamy on the inside. So goooood!!!

Oh yeah! And tomato jam for your toast! Unique flavor!




This is actually a little embarrassing to admit, but I don’t know how I’ve gone to LA so often in my life and never hit up In N Out Burger. It is the shit. Nuff said.


I got a 3 x 3 animal style, which is 3 patties, fried in mustard with grilled onions. They also offer an atkins-friendly “protein style” which replaces iceberg lettuce for the buns. Other not so secret menu items can be found here. I really don’t know what’s in these burgers that makes it so delicious, besides the simply delicious ketchupy mayo sauce, its thin beef patties grilled to perfection, its soft lightly toasted warm buns, the pickles, the grilled onions, it’s all very very very good.





We did a little event with the kogi taco truck people while we were here as well, I’ll cover that in a separate blog, so I’ll end my LA blog with some miscellaneous imagery that doesn’t really fit anywehere else, including awesome snaps from E3!




Look! A native all-natural organic cheetoh plant!




See ya later LA!! I think you are so cool.



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