KRANKY! or eat your heart out Señor Wonka.

Just a lil’ dip in the blogosphere to tell you kids about something wonderful/boring. I recently discovered a candy called Kranky at my local Mexican grocery.  Simply put Kranky is so simple, so gosh darn tasty and good-natured, the language barrier is the only thing I can think of for why the name of this candy is so dumb and sounds more like a warning than an enticement.

simple... sort of tasty...
simple... sort of tasty...

All this shit is, is chocolate covered frosted flakes!!! Genius! To be honest, it isn’t all that good, but it’s among the better of the candies/treats from the Bimbo Bakery Co.  Again.. WTF Mexico? BIMBO? Honestly, if is not meant to be a joke, than someone is asleep at the wheel.

other treats from Bimbo,

Clown Pops (chocolate-covered marshmallow pops decorated with a clown’s face); Monkey Treats (chocolate-covered peanuts); Bubulubu (ghost-shaped marshmallow/strawberry-flavored pectin jelly enrobed with chocolate); and Kranky (chocolate-covered corn flakes).

You can read all about their successes here.

Say what you will these people are smart as hell.

Way to go oddly named , super basic, Mexican candy company.



  1. confusing wording on your part lead me to believe that you are interested in kicking a bag or kranky across town. upon further reading, it’s obviously a threat. you’ll get no treats with threats missy.

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