Oakmont Bakery and Original Oyster House, Pittsburgh PA

First of all, excuse these pictures, I took them with this little toy digital camera that I bought at Rite Aid for 15 bucks. This photo is pretty accurate scale to how big the camera really is.

I’m in Pittsburgh this weekend hanging out with Danny B. He took me to two places today that I’ve never been to before. One was the Oakmont Bakery in Oakmont, which has one of the longer display cases of baked goods I’ve seen in quite some time. The case stretches about 100 feet accross the length of the shop.The sheer amount of goods that they offer alone is impressive. Here are some of the variety of goods they had to offer, taken with my new “Innovage mini digital camera.”









These photos do it very little justice, the selection was truly impressive. Danny B bought a carrot cake log, and I bought a variety of little things, such as a mini oreo cheesecake cupcake, a mini cherry cheesecake cupcake, a mini strawberry cheesecake cupcake, a mini key lime pie, a mini lemon cream pie, and a little tiramisu log. All these things I bought amounted to a little over 10 bucks, not bad for a major sugar buzz waiting to happen, I can’t wait. I munched on the oreo cheesecake on the ride to our next destination, and it was awesome, like a good cookies n cream ice cream, except cheesy and room tempertured, and it made me feel a little light headed after 3 bites. It ruled.

Afterwards, we tried out this place in Market Square for lunch called “The Original Oyster House.”



Apparently open since 1870, and famous for their fried fish and oyster sandwiches, we gave this place a try. I ordered a crabcake platter with fries and coleslaw and a breaded oyster on the side, and Dan ordered a Monster fish sandwich.




Dan’s fish sandwich was amazingly barebones, seseme seed bun and an oversized fried breaded cod filet, and that’s it. Bread and fish. The filet looked like it was almost twice the size of the bun. Dan squirted a bunch of malt vinegar on it and enjoyed it. His two complaints on this place: number one, no cocktail sauce. Number two, not as good as Wholey’s fish sandwich, which was just 5 minutes away.

My crabcakes were pretty good if not a little on the bready and salty side. I wish the crab chunks were a little more chunky and less shredded. Every now and then though, there would be a pocket of big chunk and it was soooo gooood. Very awesomely rich and delicious.

The breaded oyster was quite a surprise. What was described on the menu as “lightly breaded,” was actually SOOO HEAVILY breaded. In fact, it was the most heavily breaded ANYTHING I’ve ever had. Don’t get me wrong, the oyster was quite good and flavorful, but I swear to god, not kidding at all,  there was about a full inch coat of breading caked around the outside of it, and then deep fried golden brown to perfection. The oyster was really hiding inside.

We washed our meal down with Pepsis, wiped our mouths and finished up. Everything was around 6-8 bucks, so it was also a reasonably priced lunch, the service was good, and the ambiance was very nice, frequented by lots of old customers who I overheard could remember when the “fish sandwiches were only 35 cents! And buttermilk was only 15 cents! And they only had 2 beverages, Beer and Buttermilk!!!”

Tomorrow I’ll eat something else, see ya later! Love, Thu


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