Cafe Katja, lower east side nyc


Hi Everyone, this place rules. I had the pleasure of having dinner with Megan Fitzpatrick, Matt Fitzpatrick and Peter Van Hyning a couple evenings ago, and Megan brought us to this cozy lower east side (79 Orchard Street, between Broome and Grand) German/Austrian restaurant. It boasts a great selection of sausages and beers and a mean spaetzle and goulash.

We started our meal with a delicious cured meat and homemade pickle  platter, which ruled, the little scoop of pate on it was my favorite, spread on a perfectly warmly toasted piece of rye bread.

Our food came out soon after, Megan and Matt both ordered the bratwurst and saurkraut:



Matt ordered his food with a side of spaetzle which was deliciously buttery and eggy!


Peter ordered an openfaced sandwich with deliciously cured coldcuts and fresh homemade pickles. It got especially delicious once the house spicy mustard got involved in this spread:


I ordered the emmentaler sausage with savoy cabbage and quark dumplings. This sausage was awesomely filled with a rich mild cheese, and the dumplings were creamy and heavy, what more could I want? I ate the sausage with mustard and a rich amount of flavors exploded in my mouth.


Needless to say, we all enjoyed our dinners.

Peter and Megan, simultaneously enjoying.
Peter and Megan, simultaneously enjoying.
Matt and I, pretending to share our food.
Matt and I, pretending to share our food.

For such a nice and wonderful dining experience, Cafe Katja is reasonably priced. Check out their menu here, or just go there and see what wonderful specials they have to offer. Also highly recommended, the apple streudel for dessert. It is warm, fresh, crisp, and accompanied with a wonderfully fresh whipped cheesy cream. We spent about this much*: Wow!!





  1. Matt was complimented on that shirt by a cheese sample man at Grand Central earlier in the evening who noted its coolness and remarked on having worn his own Bad Brains shirt earlier in the week.

    Also this post is one of my favorite ever.

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