Coming to IFC, on a television near you


Hi everyone!

I just wanted to officially announce that Food Party will officially be on TV on a weekly basis for a period of time!! IFC was cool enough to pick up our show and we made 6 brand new 12 minute episodes!! New sets, new puppets, new foods, more intense, bigger, better, weirder, oh yeah and did I mention HD? I stand by each one of these episodes as being wholeheartedly awesome. This is what you need to know:



11:15 PM, on IFC

And then every Tuesday at the same time. You won’t regret it!! If you don’t have cable, this is a good excuse to become friends with someone who does! Who knows! You may become very good friends!

The photos below are taken by I will post more fun pics as the series airs. If you are in New York, we will be throwing a party, details will follow soon.



Oh and totally unrelated, don’t know if any of you care about the how well the Cavs are doing in the NBA playoffs, but I am so pumped. I was also especially delighted when I saw this amazing Lebron commercial, XD !!!!!



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