Num Pang delivers tasty Banh Mi!

The Banh Mi is “all the rage” in NYC right now thanks to recent New York Magazine and NY Times features. I decided to try one of the “non traditional” suggestions in the recent New York Magazine article and boy, was I in for one TASTY TREAT!

Restaurant: Num Pang Sandwich Shop – 21 E. 12th St., NY NY 212.255.3271

Website/Menu here:


Above: Hoisin Veal Meatball (w. jasmine rice, basil, stewed tomato) Banh Mi ($6.75), Grilled Corn with Chili Mayo and Coconut Flakes ($2.25) and Blood Orange Lemonade ($2.50). (Three tiny asian-looking trees courtesy the fancy florist for my office)

This sandwich rocked my late-friday-don’t-want-to-be-at-work socks off. The flavors in that tasty sandwich were incredible. Not traditional, but seriously amazing. The tender veal meatballs, fresh cilantro and veggies, and that chili mayo – DAMN! It seems pricey, since most Banh Mi’s run about $3.50 or less, but it was worth it. The corn was also good, but I was filled up on just the sandwich (Hey, I’m tiny). But I couldn’t resist, I love a corn-on-the-cob especially when there is some delicious sauce slathered all over it. The lemonade was also good, but you could live without it.

Next time I will try the peppercorn catfish. Mmmm.

If you’re headed there you can get it to go, or eat upstairs. It’s near Union Square on 12th b/w University and 5th Ave. Look for the line of people and you’ll be set.



  1. this looks totally delicious, erika, except this place is cambodian, do they call it “banh mi” there? My dad makes awesome vietnamese meat ball banh mi with ground pork and jicama!!

  2. yeah i read that article in new york and im curious about num pang as those sandwiches sounded down right good, cambodian or not. thanks for the field work.
    because im vietnamese and a part-time elitist, i always find it funny that the sandwich is referred to as “banh mi”, because that literally just translates to “bread”.
    but i guess thats the easiest way to go about it, seeing how “banh mi thit” is just as funny to translate as that just means “bread meat”, and we dont need another foreign word to confuse us.
    i recommend that meatball sandwich from saigon bakery on mott. shit’s in the back of a jewelry store.

  3. This is not Banh Mi since firstly it isn’t even Vietnamese. First clue: the pllace is named Num Pang. Looks like everyone is just getting on the band wagon and calling it Banh Mi even when it sort close, kinda taste like it but not quite right in the flavors. I guess for most who don’t know better it is but for the record this is not Banh Mi. it s a sandwich.

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