CHIPMEAL and Prison Eggs

What is “chipmeal” you might ask yourself? It is something very special. Lately, my boyfriend and I have been very into eating at a little Mexican place in Greenpoint called PAPACITO’S! I love their anjito pork chimichanga burrito and their chorizo tostadas and Danny B only orders one thing at this place : NACHOS. The great thing about the nachos at this place is, along with being topped with a wide array of fresh vegitalia and a good homemade salsa, the cheese on it is NACHO cheese, (the kind the comes from a can and stays a perfect velvety liquid forever), and a good amount of it as well. This cheese normally comes in cans like this:

There are various reasons why making nachos with this sort of cheese is superior to using fresh shredded jack/cheddar/whatever cheese. One main reason why shredded cheese SUX is that it tends to “glue” the chips together after the nachos are not warm anymore creating one big clumpy mess. How annoying. The AWESOME thing about nacho cheese sauce is, after awhile, the chips get soggy in a very beautiful and amazing way.  Letover nachos start to become more and more analogous and homogenized, as some sort of chemical reaction occurs with the cheese sauce and the tortilla chips, creating a whole new food that I like to call “CHIPMEAL”. It’s like oatmeal, except nacho flavored.

Which leads me to “Prison Eggs,” one of the few dishes that Danny B actually cooks. It’s called “prison eggs” because it looks like caricatured version of what prison food might looks like. A more pretentious name for it might be “Aged Mexican and Egg Risotto, with Nacho Béchamel.” Looks and sounds very appetizing right?


Basically, it is leftover Mexican food medley, (in this case it is a combo of Danny B’s leftover nachos and my leftover soyrizo rice and beans), fried with eggs. Once the eggs enter your frying pan, you are to STIR almost the entire time until the eggs are cooked. Danny B really likes to stir the shit out of things “to make sure it gets cooked all the way.” The eggs get super mushy in the rice creating a lovely sludge texture. Here I am enjoying my meal. It was really great actually! Thank you!

Love, Thu




  1. The trick to prison eggs is all in the delivery. when you serve it to someone you have to take a big scoop of it and slap it down in their bowl or on their plate, and say some thing to the effect of “Get it while it’s hot you filthy animal ! ”

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