EMU EGG Misadventure


Have you ever eaten an EMU EGG? It’s totally weird!! I found these photos in my boyfriend’s iphoto library from a WHILE back ago when I fried my first EMU EGG. First of all, it is quite an exotic thing to behold. The shell is a beautiful dark emerald green color, and it has a strange yet friendly bumpy texture. It looks fake, but it’s real. Here is what an EMU looks like just to remind all of you, then you can imagine the EGG that I am holding in the photo above coming out of this amazing creature!!

I was lucky enough to obtain this egg, leftover from our EGGISODE shoot from long ago. Our friend Alex Lombardo was able to find them for us at a WHOLE FOODS in Virginia, and brought them back to New York for us. He really rules. I felt pressure to make something amazing with this egg, but in the end, I just wanted to taste it without too many distractions from flavorful ingredients and extravagant techniques, so I simply FRIED the damn thing. Luckily, Danny B was around to document the whole thing!

Because the shell is very THICK, you have to SAW it to give it a start before your whap it and crack it open. I use this hacksaw with an all-purpose wood/metal Lenox blade.


Here is an animated gif of the egg being cracked into the frying pan:


Here is another gratuitous animated gif, fun with the egg shell.

I was VERY AMAZED by the egg white to egg yolk ratio!! VERY yolky. Totally weird.


I was bummed I broke the yolk, but the yolk was a noticeably lighter color, and the actual volume of the egg must have equaled about a dozen chicken eggs. I let the egg sit on the stove at a VERY low heat for quite a while to let it firm up. The SCARY PART was, as it cooked, it developed a FACE. Here is a short and poorly produced video of the EGG FACE::

In a feeble attempt to flip this egg over, I failed. Pretty miserably.

Here I am loosening the egg from the pan:


Then the FLIP!!


LOL!! All in all, this emu egg was kinda weird. The flavor was mild, and the texture was… (for lack of an appropriate descriptive adjective)…different from chicken eggs. It didn’t bubble the same way chicken eggs do. Around the edges, it bubbled in almost a foamy, yet crispy, manner. It almost seemed to have a lighter density than the eggs I know and love, but without actually being lighter. Basically, I can only describe it as being like an alien embryo(?).

I leave you with this weird egg claymation I made over 2 years ago. Have a nice day!! Love, Thu



  1. at first jealous of the egg faces.. then.. weirded out because that is some mike lassins/ mittens on strings/ alex preston shit…. so bizarre… way to go!!!

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