Two Great Things


Okay first, this is Kyle Ellis:


I forgot the complete story, but he lives out on a farm maybe two hours from here, and he did some sort of farm job and was paid in biodynamic garlic. WTF, right? Kyle hung out with us on New Year’s, and at some sort of post-new year’s brunch thing, and he asks me, “Hey Thu, are you into GARLIC?”

I said, “OH YES.”

And he replies, “okay, facebook me your address, I’ll send you some biodynamic garlic. I have a ton.”

I said, “Biodynamic? What’s that?”

And he replies, “I think it has to do with farming according to the way the planets are aligned. IDK, the garlic is really good.”

I didn’t really expect to get garlic in the mail, but I did!!


It came enclosed with this note:


I’m a little confused by the “music” variety aspect of this note, but I only assumed that it might have to do with farting. You can read about biodynamic farming on wikipedia. This garlic really was so amazing. Number one, for being grown in a very hippie and organic and natural way, each bulb of garlic in that bag was perfectly uniform, with exactly 6 cloves in each bulb, and each clove was as big as a large grape and very similar in size and uniform in shape. It was so bizarre, but I guess that’s where the astronomical and planetary aspects of the farming come into affect. The garlic is supergarlic. I could not squeeze it through a garlic press because the fiber structure was too strong. The flavor of the garlic itself was strong but not intense or offensive. So far, I have put the garlic in vegetable soups, blue cheese beef stroganoffs, scrambled eggs, garlic salad, bacon scallion macaroni and cheese, etc… The point is, if any of you run into the opportunity to try some biodynamic anything, just do it.


One of my favorite things about Greenpoint Brooklyn is meats, namely cold cuts. I went to the Met Food near me to do some grocery shopping, and on a whim, I decided to go to the deli counter and get some cold cuts. I don’t normally do this because I’m not much of a sandwich person, or a bread person in general, but I had a craving for some ham and egg sandwiches, so I went for it. To my delight, I got PRESSED BACON.


Okay, I know this photo is totally blurry, but I think the Polish word for it is “biczek prasowiny” (please correct me if this is spelled wrong, I’m ignorant about this culture, and hard for me to decipher text from my blurry photo). This stuff is the shiiiiiiiit. I don’t care, it’s awesome. It is basically bacon meat that’s been pressed, smoked and cured like a cold cut. It’s just like eating bacon except without the work, and it’s cold like ham. I couldn’t believe it was real. I made an egg and pressed bacon sandwich with it, and it ruled so hard.


That’s it!!!!!

Love, Thu



  1. Boczek prasowany (BO CHECK PRAHS OH VANIH) literally means ironed bacon.
    Agreed: it rules so hard.
    My parents are Polish and way into Sriracha. Go figure.

  2. Thanks for the spelling correction and the phonetic guide, I will try to impress the ladies behind the deli counter next time I come in, instead of pointing at it and saying “HALF POUND PLEASE!!”

  3. Nice Garlic
    music is a popular variety brought to Ontario Canada from Italy by a man named Al music.
    I grow biodynamic garlic I came across your blog by searching that. I really appreciate your enthusiasm for all things garlic.

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