EPISODE 4 : “BAGUETTE DRAMA” DVDz, now available for sale online


This was an episode we actually shot back in July ’08, in 120 degree weather, with the windows sealed shut with fleece blankets stapled over them, hot lights, box fans, etc. Six months and thirty-nine rolls of sweat-drenched paper towels later, here it is. Finally. This is also the last full-length episode we shot in my old bed-stuy palace. Features a voice over by special guest, Andrew W.K.

The cover is beautifully illustrated by Lisa Ramsey. The DVD includes a CD of original music sountrack and scores of Food Parties past and present (28 tracks!!!). Get it while it lasts on the BUY page.

Oh yeah!! We also had our premiere screening of this episode last night at Monkeytown. THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE WHO ATTENDED!! We “sold out” three shows in one night! WTF!! I had a blast!! I will post photos soon by erikaneola.com.



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