Hanging out with Matt over the HOLIDAY

So though this blog is a week late, but who cares. Over the Christmas holiday, I went home to Cleveland OH to see my family and some friends. On Christmas day, I went to a CAVS game! My dad hooked it up, and I went with my good friend Matt Fitzpatrick. The game started like this!


What an epic intro!! SO amazing!! But enough about sports, Matt and I enjoyed really great food at the Quicken Loans Arena. First off, I got these nachos!


They did not look like this when I bought them, but what was left after I finished them. As you can see, I could not finish it, it was quite a meal for 5 bucks. The cheese was liquid gold and had a very rich buttery flavor, and the salsa was like a cold hearty stew. The chips were also very crunchy. Afterwards, for dessert, I had cotton candy!


This is also an aftermath photo! I still had a little bit leftover, and was actually quite bummed when later on, after I had forgotten about it, I still wanted it, but I already stepped on it, and so did everyone. To me, the cotton candy at the Q arena was of high quality, had a good “strawberry” flavor to it, and melted in my mouth at a good speed. To wash all this food down, we got large pepsis. The cups were as big as my head, but the cola flavor was the perfect compliment to this Christmas dinner. Here is a picture of Matt Fitzpatrick holding up our cups.


It was a very good and close game, where Lebron James also debuted his new shoes! Google them, they’re pretty cool. The next day, the day after Christmas, I wound up hanging out with Matt again because I accidentally left my wallet in his car. We met somewhat halfway at the Chipotle in Cleveland Heights on Euclid Heights Blvd. I always get the same burrito at Chipotle which is the Veggie Fajita Burrito with rice, pinto beans, peppers and onions, a lot of corn, hot salsa, cheese, guacamole and lettuce. It should look like a small human baby after they are done rolling it. I went to go sit down next to Matt after I recieved my order. I was going to sit on his right hand side, when all of a sudden he says, “NO don’t sit there.”

First I look at him weird and I still go for it, but then he says, “REALLY, I MEAN IT. DON’T sit there.”

So then, I say okay, and sit on his left side, and he just replies, “Your Welcome.” THEN he points at this:




(okay, okay, it COULD be a hot sauce stain too.)



  1. This charming tale warmed the cold little heart of a displaced Clevelander living halfway around the world. In LA thank God, you suckers.

    The best place to eat / take out from before any Cleveland sporting event is Slyman’s Deli. They close ridiculously early, but for an afternoon Browns / Cavs game it’s perfect. How, you ask, could a corned-beef sandwich thick as your arm get any more unhealthy? Slyman’s has the answer — buttered bread! Sitting in the stands your heart is guaranteed to be beating just as fast as Lebron’s as he runs up and down the court.

    As a former arena vendor I couldn’t be more proud that you had a good time and enjoyed the nachos. If you only knew….


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