A Little Bit of Naughty Right off the Bat: Ice Tea FLavored Vodka

I have just arrived in South Carolina for I and my Grandmother’s annual trek to Ma Duke’s(Murphy) house for THANKSGIVING! After a very long set of flights coming in and out of Memphis, and for me a bus to Cleveland, we managed to land unharmed and in good spirits. No sooner do I set my bag down than my mother asks me what I would like to drink. Ah, it’s good to be home. In the short list of choices she rattles off; “Cabernet, Heineken, iced tea flavored vodka..” “What did you say?” I call from the other room. “Iced tea flavored vodka! DO YOU WANT SOME?” Indeed I do. Indeed I do. Lets talk about FireFly Vodka kids. Made in a barn right here in old South Cac-a-Lacky, in an area called Wadmalaw Island, there is a small independent distillery on

the area’s only locally owned and completely self made wineries. The company is pretty new to vodka production so they only do two kinds right now, the tea one, and then there is a muscadine wine infused one that is described as perfect for “smooth sippin’.” The tea one is actually part of a growing movement of tea flavored booze. I had no idea this existed.

Now, I am not always up on trendy boozin’. I feel as though I am EXTRA out of the loop on this one. However there was this time almost five years ago now, when Dana Hardy , Jed holtz, Courtenay Finn and I went on an excursion to the south for nothing but Road Flavored Excitement, and we discovered sumthing even more southern. At sum point we came across an energy drink that was riding at the distinctly lower area of the fresh tsunami of energy drinks coming out at that time called “Sum Poosie.”

This drink is dumb. As well as being distributed by a company called Hoosier Energy Drinks Inc. It also came marketed with a slew of pussy, not Poosie, themed drinks to be made with said beverage. The list includes “wet poosie”, “creamed poosie”, “buttered-n-hot poosie”, and my personal fav the “poosie bomb.” When it comes down to it the only real reason this shit is selling like hotcakes is so people can yell, “can I get some pussy over here?” and not get a fucking slap in the grill. And honestly who DOESN’T need that? Am I right Ladies? HuH?

This leads me back to the Sweet Tea Infused Vodka, which by comparison is a far less aggravating ad campaign. What does one make with sweet tea vodka? Among the list of things provided to the authors of “the drunk pirate” by a marketing guru from Obviouslee Marketing, there is the firefly fizz, and the frozen fruit fly and my vote for most awesome/unflinchingly southern, the spiked arnold palmer.

Oh.. and it tastes exactly like Iced tea. It’s kind of amazing. Go Git SUm!!!


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