Hey everybody, so I’ve been on tour with Girl Talk for the past couple weeks and sometimes I find time to eat, and then sometimes I remember to document it! I will share with you this evening the things that I have poorly documented and do my best to make up for the lack of photos with non-credited google image search imagery and then text!

I am going out of order, but this was a place we ate in Austin TX. It came highly recommended by Lord Grunge of Grand Buffet. Check out their MYSPACE. Lord Grunge is the one on the left!!

This place we went to is called IRON WORKS. It RULEZZ! The day before I went to Stubb’s BBQ with a couple friends and it was not as good as IRON WORKS, however, Stubb’s offers a GREAT spicy creamed spinach. Here are some photos of IRON WORKS.

We enjoyed this food immensely!! I pounded these ribs! I ordered the BEEF RIBS, which were as big as my forearms, and slow-cooked to perfection, with great smoky flavor. The hot sauce they had was also awesome, but the beef ribs were so awesome on their own that I did not even need the awesome hot sauce, even though normally, I will slather anything in hot sauce, especially if the hot sauce is good, and so is the food! Each dish is served with a scoop of eggy potato salad, baked beans, sliced bread n butter pickles, thickly sliced raw white onions, and a single slice of soft white bread–which can also be used as a napkin! Here are their doggie bag materials, which needless to say, were unneeded:

To wash it all down, Lord Grunge accompanied his meal with this lovely Merlot from the Sutter Home vineyard in California:

If you are in Austin, or going to Austin, please make sure to hit this place up. Really, it’s great.

NEXT, in Tucson AZ, we stayed at this really hip hotel called The Hotel Congress. Here is an image I found on Google Image Search of it:

This place was probably one of the coolest hotels we’ve stayed at so far on this tour, number one reason being that it is totally haunted. Google “blood room at the hotel congress.” I felt cold drafts all night while I was sleeping and thought a ghost was flying back and forth in my bedroom and got serious chills, it was awesome, but in a way where I was probably freaking out over nothing, which is cool sometimes too. I listened to classical music on an old wooden radio as big as a dorm-size refrigerator, with terrible reception except if I got really close to it, then the music was beautifully clear!!

Aside from that, the food at the restaurant in the hotel was very very good. One morning, JP and I got some breakfast together. This is my extravagant breakfast: Fried polenta with 2 eggs over medium on a bed of wilted spinach, drizzled with a chipotle crema, accompanied with a fabulous grilled pork tenderloin in a smoky pepper jelly. I cannot lie, this was awesome. The polenta was totally deep-fried and had the perfect texture of being crispy on the outside, and gritty moist and steamy on the inside.

JP had this lovely french toast with a side of bacon and eggs. I didn’t try his food, he ate it pretty quickly, but I’m sure it was quite delicious!! Besides, how can you screw up making french toast unless you were a big idiot!! JK.

So, if you’re in Tucson, the food here is good!!

One other thing, two weeks ago was my birthday! I was in New Orleans and in the morning, David Scheid, the tour manager and Chris Duffy and I went out for beignets at Cafe Du Monde for breakfast. I didn’t take photos, so I found this image on google image search:

All the beignets there look like this. As you can see, the powdered sugar to beignet ratio is arguably equal. When I put it in my mouth, I was forced to snort a lot of this sugar, which was a new experience for me! This is a hot, deep fried pillow of bubbly ecstasy. It didn’t hit me until later that Cafe du Monde is the brand of chicory coffee that my family has drank my whole life! Vietnamese people love this shit!!!

Later on that day we ate raw oysters and crawfish po’ boys at some dive place I don’t remember what it’s called, drank some fruity daiquiris that made my stomach hurt and got a hold of some MIRACLE FRUIT. Google it, it’s weird.

The stuff I ordered came packed in dry ice, and we all ate about two and it tasted like bitter intense! Then my mouth felt so crazy, I’m not sure in a positive way, more like pikachu farted in my mouth, and it was weird. Not sure I got the full effect, I will try this again when I’m less wasted. Here is a youtube video that JP made of our day in New Orleans:

Here are some other photos just for fun:

Bad Brilliance and Hearts of Darknesses hanging out at the Holiday Inn in Chapel Hill, NC.

Hiking in Asheville???? I think!! Things were really beautiful.

And last but not least, here is a scale replica of the Pentagon in milk chocolate. Lord Grunge bought this at a Costco in Baltimore. That’s all!!



  1. great choice regarding hotel congress, it really is the best hotel in tucson. their restaurant is called ‘the cup cafe’, one of my favorites. did you notice the floor?

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