Sneak Peak, Episode #4

Thanks to Erika Neola for taking these stills. We had a really awesome video shoot this weekend, despite no AC, 169 degree weather, loud block parties outside, slimy rotting cornish hens, etc… We went through about 30 rolls of paper towels (and 400 rolls of toilet paper) over the course of two 12 hour days soaking up boiling sweat (and poop). It’s all worth it, right?

Here’s a sneak peak at what we have in store for the next episode:

I have a good feeling, this one is going to be a real mind blower. STAY TUNED FOR MORE DETAILS. Peace out, Love, THU TRAN!!



  1. No!!! Monsieur Baguette dies?!?! Haha I can’t wait! This is the best show ever. I hope you guys release another DVD, I loved episode 3 and the commentary!

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