Donut Cheeseburgers

Hello friends!

So a couple weeks ago Christian from Beautiful Monster had sent me this glorious image of donut bacon cheeseburgers, and of course I was immediately in love, duh:

Doing some lite research on google, apparently these are also known as the “Luther Burger,” named after celebrated R&B singer Luther “Endless Love” Vandross. Traditionally made with Krispy Kreme donuts. I’m pretty sure Doan Buu, burger and hotdog enthusiast, had written about this burger before. God, my mouth is a flood of saliva right now as I am looking at this glossy image of food, and my mouth is a dam, and if I open my mouth, I’ll be sure to embarrass myself. I love this sweet bread, salty meat combo, as it also works extremely well in my chinese bakery favorites, curry donut and roast pork bun.

Today I made donut cheeseburgers for friends using donuts from Peter Pan bakery. As it was towards the latter part of the day, the donut selection was quite limited. No glazed donuts as I would have liked, but I got sugar donuts, french cruellers, and jelly donuts, as bun substitutes. I also made mine “royal red robin” style with a fried egg, minus bacon. I must say, donuts, and I mean ANY kind of donut, TRUST ME, are my new favorite hamburger bun.

Here are the results (photo courtesy my cellphone), looks strangely healthy doesn’t it?:

I had also taken a picture of Zachariah Durr eating this burger and experiencing full ecstasy, but my cellphone ate it, so here is a poor google image search substitute for what he looked like:

Just Kidding!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

The End.



  1. Yay Thu, delicious! Speaking of magical combinations…have you ever blogged about the GENIUS (and most often under appreciated) fast food combo restaurants such as KFC / Taco Bell and the wonderful taste creations that are possible with a smart / retarded / creative palette at such establishments??

  2. I’ve never blogged about it but I’ve eaten at my fair share of “KenTacoHuts” (add Pizza Hut). On one recent road trip, we stopped at a place that was a Long John Silver’s combined with an A&W; I got xxxtreme flavor sensations from buffalo popcorn shrimp with a side of cheese curds with chili cheese fries. It was awesome.

  3. thanks for the shout out. your burgers look 10x’s better than your average luther. how did the peter pan doughnut fared in terms of being a bun as opposed to the usual krispy kreme?

  4. The peter pan donut actually balanced well against the heavy ground beef. They were light, puffy, and were not overwhelming. To me, they actually tasted strangely healthy.

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