Inside Out Burritos! or Arizona Jack’s Southwest Sushi Logs!

Arizona Jack's, Super Hot Giga Jerky sheet shit.

SO, all the kids came into town last week for the fourth of July, and from somewhere deep in the bowels of New Jersey, they captured what is by far the largest, widest, most impressive, and most overblown Jerky “snack” ever produced. As soon as I was handed this i was also told that it was pretty much a gag, and there was no reason for me to try to eat it, because it “tastes gross” and “is just stupidly big.” Au contraire, mon ami. I talked to my new roomie Ian Fullerton about the challenge, and he suggested Inside-out Jerkey Burritos. Genius.

The next day I busied myself with finding as many ingredients as I could to fill my inside out burritos with for 5 dollars. I manged to hobble together guacamole, salsa, and refried beans. I already had some brown rice, and some soft onion cheese from a Ohio dairy farm.

And then I wrapped them in sheets of jerky to make these!!!

BOO YA! All the starch is on the inside! Get it?! It’s like these burritos rode a swing and managed to get all the way over the swing-set, just like Inside Out Boy except they came back crazy delicious.

!!!Update… these are kinda gross to eat. While they look appetizing and zesty, they are in fact super overwhelming. And they smell exactly like dog food. Oh well. !!!!



  1. I did eat one single bite, and it sucked SO MUCH, i had to spit it out. to much jerky. I would like to think that if i made this again there is a possibility that it could work better witha different meat roll up thingy. …TBC.

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