Chocolate Cat Tongue

Hi guys!! This morning I treated myself to some gourmet chocolates!!

I initially went into the Food Emporium on 8th Ave to get something nourishing to eat to grab and go for breakfast before going to work, but health was pushed aside this morning for this impulsive chocolate purchase. I could not resist the precious look on the cat’s face looking at me with it’s mouth closed. I knew that inside the box contained 20 replicas of its tongue casted in chocolate.

Lo and behold, I open the box, and there they were. Tongues. I lift one up to eat it and swirled it onto my own tongue and around my mouth and imagined I was kissing the cat, and we were sharing our joy in being in the company of each other. I licked it, and it licked me. Our tongues became boat paddles in a Pacific Ocean of saliva within my mouth. The chocolate slowly melted, creamy, rich, brown and silky smooth, and the chocolate reproduction of the cat’s tongue was inside me. Oh, I was in ecstasy.



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