pittsburgh sammies

The two best foodstuffs to come out of western PA are as follows:

The wedgie! A sandwich which uses delicious pizza crust instead of bread. I have not seen this style of sandwich outside of the Pittsburgh area and I have rarely seen it the ‘burgh itself so much as i have enjoyed its delicious taste in the outskirts. I have pictured here the lunch of my coworker, Cody, who claims that the following wedgie is possibly the best wedgie ever made: the spicy barbecue chicken wedgie with bacon, cheese, and uh i dont remember… something else too which was made at Oskies restaurant and pub in Franklin, PA. I personally prefer a steak wedgie with muenster cheese, shredded lettuce, tomato, onions, and a shitload of mayo.

wedgie sandwich

The next sammie I have seen elsewhere. But nowhere all that important. It is the delish Primanti Bros sandwiches which feature french fries and coleslaw on the sandwich. Enjoy with Iron City beers.

primanti bros sandwich

Its worth noting that Pittsburgh puts fries and ranch dressing on everything. Including salads. Here is a pic of my sister (who is typically way diet conscious because of her natural badunkadunk bum) chowing down on a ranch and fries salad, also from Primanti Bros.

fuck yeah salad

Also we are the home of chipped meats namely chipped ham. This is maybe the worst foodstuffs of PA and I never get my lunch meats chipped. “Chipped” refers to a thin slice method invented at Isaly’s (an Ohio born chain restaurant – nb) from which you get this like pile of processed meat bits. There was an Isaly’s deli and lunch counter in my hometown and it was a depressing place with cheap candy and wax lips. Tiffy Greggs’ grandma used to hang out there.

You may ask yourself why we eat such high carb food in the ‘burgh. All I have to say is please watch Flashdance. Life is exactly like that for every Pittsburgher. Every single goddam one. It requires a lot of energy you know?



  1. there was a place in cincinnati–this is what, 1990?–called big otto’s and they served sandwiches that looked just like that with french fries and ginger slaw right on the sandwich. the waiter, who was an adorable greek boy, would describe them to the customers in detail, always ending with “it’s a big sandwich.” and it was. the restaurant was located on a major avenue (well, major for cincinnati), across from which was an alley with an old troll gay bar at the far end, and as we would eat our big sandwiches at 3 in the morning we’d play linda ronstadt on the jukebox and watch the sleazy denim-and-bandana’ed men come creeping out the alley together. oh man, those were the days. except for the living in cincinnati part. hi, my name’s david and i come here courtesy of peter v.h. nice to meet you.

  2. Here in Fort Lauderdale we have a Primanti Brother’s but sadly no one makes wedgies. Fortunately, I worked in pizza shop to get through college and know how to make a wedgie. mmmmmmm. Oh, and I can’t get anyone to put fries and ranch on my chicken salad.

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