Dinner at the Baxter’s (Ribzzz)

Hi everybody! I had the pleasure of spending the weekend in Pittsburgh with Danny B and his family this weekend. Today I had an awesome fish sandwich at Wholey’s with fried smelts. It was cheap and awesome. Fried smelts are awesome because they are a lot like french fries except instead of strips of fried potato, you get fish. When you bite into it, instead of seeing steaming potato, you see see steaming fish meat and its soft vertabrae! They come in a big pile, similar to the way french fries would be served. Wholey’s is not only a fried seafood vendor, but also a food market. Here is their website. Since I did not take photos, here is a google image search result that bears close resemblance to what I had:

Another food-related Pittsburgh thing that I can recommend is Danny B’s dad’s cooking. Here is one meal that he had prepared:

The font I used here to label the items on the dish is called “Blood of Dracula.” And those lens flares were really happening because the surface of the food was glistening so much!! As you can see, the meal included, potato salad, collard greens, bacon, baked beans, pinapple souffle, and rootbeer bourbon ribs. Holy shit!! There were actually two different kinds of ribs, but I don’t remember what the other kind was, but that was good too!! The potato salad was awesome, the greens were awesome, the bacon was awesome, the beans were awesome, the souffle was aweseome, the ribs were awesome especially because when I took my first bite, I tugged a little bit and then whoops! All the meat came off the bone! Mr. Baxter later revealed that he actually used an Emeril recipe, but whateves. I am into meat with pop flavor these days. I’m pretty sure most of this whole meal was prepared from scratch. Here is our chef with a glass of sangria that he had also prepared:

Here is Danny B in a completely separate time and place:




  1. WOW. That font looks like delicious Bar-B-cue sauce. I dont have the letter that comes before R and after P on my keyboard. WTF?

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