Here for you through youtube video quality!! It’s also in three parts because of youtube’s 10 minute limit rule. This video is my favorite out of all the videos we’ve done so far. DVDs will be available for purchase sometime next week and will include deleted scenes, bonus videos, production stills, trailers, and director’s commentary. It is also actually a very high quality video with very clear and crisp colors. The cover will also be hand-illustrated by our own Peter Van Hyning. I’ll keep you guys posted.

Love, Thu



  1. i will never forget the absinthe nightmares i had in that freaky kitchen. keep up the good work, thu! i love you and i will make anything out of cardboard for you anytime. ANYTHING. think it over.

  2. I showed all of these to a buddy of mine from highschool, and he says you(meaning eveyone involved but espically THu) are amazing, and that anything he has been up to since highschool pales in comparison. Thanks for helping me ge a leg up on that superiority complex right before 10 yeah high school reunion!!!

  3. oh thu this is soo amazing!! I cant believe i had the priviledge to sleep in that kitchen. masterful. and well played!1 im very excited. goodness gracious you guys kicked it up a notch. or 7. i want custard. and i’m coming to you soon so watch out!

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