Hi everyone!  It’s been a while since I’ve let you know what I’ve been eating, and I’d like to take the opportunity to tell you all that I’ve been ingesting the fear and hate and raw power of wild animals that have been hunted down and murdered.  It tastes great!  It tastes like pure energy.  Originally the term “venison” applied to all foods that were hunted down and murdered.  Now it only really applies to deers.  The two wild and unruly dead beast bits I’m talking about are of course deer meat and dead cobra whiskey.

First, Dead Cobra Whiskey!  In that context pure energy tastes just like an old dead cobra.  Remember dissecting cats or whatever in high school?  Imagine if you could taste that smell and that it also is a dead cobra and it is giving you awesome powers.  After the Dead Cobra Whiskey was all gone the tiny bottle was refilled so that all could enjoy at their leisure some Dead Cobra Beer!

Next, Deer Stew!  My new favorite dish.  Deer is delightfully low in fat, calories, and cholesterol for red meat!  AND it’s hard to have just a little bit of it because deers are huge.  What a wonderful meat!  To season deer I like to use what are typically fish seasonings: lemon, garlic, dill, salt and pepper, and of course a healthy squirt of olive oil since there is not really any fat in it.  For the stew ingredients I was like “hey why not go with some atypical ingredients since I’m dealing with an atypical and totally amazing free spirited dead champion?”  So I added then some green onions, carrots (pretty typical actually but whateves), turnips, and curly kale.  the garlic and dill were fresh and (especially the dill) were added generously.  Crock pot it overnight if you can wait for that long and HELLO!  What a tasty dish!  The tasty taste of dead wilderness.  It gets you high as hell on raw spirituality and freedom.

From here on I will do my damned best to eat only untamed meats.  Like deer and boars and rabbits and BEARS and sharks and salmon and crabs and crawfish and tuna.

You know I’m glad this list includes more fish because lately when I cook red meat I cant help but associate the smell with periods.  Powerful?  Yes.  Appetizing?  No.  I hope that wasn’t too much information.




  1. Holy Amazing! I am in awe. and snake in a bottle? WTF?! whay has noone commented on this !!!!! That looks like the most dangerous thing ever!

  2. Bravo!

    I remember working at the butcher shop and my boss skinning deer for hunters in the back room. What he did was totally illegal in the whole Board of Health sense of the thing, but he was cheap! We would butcher it pack it all up for people and make them venison burgers and venison sausages. It was great!

    God I miss childhood sometimes…..

    Regardless, venison is a very underrated meat and we have such an over population, let’s eat more!!

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