Rainbow Dinner


Last Saturday, I had a rainbow dinner at my house! This is a new potluck theme that I experimented with where the requirements are the food must be rainbow, ALL OR NOTHING.

As hostess, I made three dishes, (the third we did not get to eat, because I forgot about it. I know! How did I forget! It was homemade frozen custard with orange zest and minced ginger! It slipped my mind! I ate it later and it was like pigging out on frosting!!) Anyway, I also made a lasagna that I threw together pretty quickly, and anti-climactically. 5 layers, tomato, yellow squash, zuchini, beets, sauce. Ricotta and mozzarella/parm cheese mixture as the food glue.

The most exciting out of the things I made were these RAINBOW CREPES! Look!



I made a very runny pancake batter, watering it down with milk and egg whites, so that it poured into a thin pancake once it hit the frying pan. I used FOOD DYE in the batter to make it look like the pancake color swatches you see here!

Oh, Jed made this Roy G. Biv sushi:


I don’t quite remember what he used in each filling. The BLUE one is blueberries with dyed coconut and nutella. The YELLOW one is EGG.

Here is some more food:


Here you see a wonderful salad by Vanessa with beets, apples, avocado and mixed greens, and some delectable Malaysian layered tapioca desserts from Nadirah.


A very ambitious presentation here from Sean and Anne! Bell pepper rainbows in HUMMUS clouds!

Here is the rest of our spread:


Other highlights included a rainbow assortment of KOMBUCHA, Tenzin’s YELLOW curry, Danny B’s inedible pom pom soup, a seven layer dip that came an hour later with delicious guac and red-wine soaked black beans (wtf) oh, and last but not least, Zachariah’s contribution. He interpreted the theme unlike anyone else. Instead of bringing something that VISUALLY conveyed rainbow, he brought something that MENTALLY conveys this theme:

It actually came in a small plastic flask. I enjoyed it with soy milk. Try it! *wink!



  1. The Red sushi was spicy tuna, the orange was sweet potato, the green was avocado. Red and Blue were the winners in my book. I’m glad my boozy ways were a hit.

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