(It has been a good chunk of time since my last post on foodparty, but I have not been slacking.  I have been doing food reviews for BiteClub.com, a industry networking site.  Hey, why not go check them out?  I’m re-posting a review onto FP, because…I miss you!!!)

When did restaurants get such a smug sense of humor?  From Burger King, to Quizno’s, to trendy little upscale bistros, I’m confronted with Dennis Miller-ish quips about the establishment’s totally laid-back and relatable attitude.  Instead of “We accept all major credit cards”, McDonald’s sign reads: “Yeah, we take ‘em.”  Does this smack more of a sarcastic teenager than friendly employee?  I’m all for your establishment having it’s own voice, but lately I feel like I’m being pandered to by a huddle of PR firms, intent on “speaking my language”. 

Tight roping very hard between creatively cute and slick irritation is “Swich”, a pressed sandwich and salad stop on 104 8th Ave, NYC.  There’s only one location, but it looks primed for expanding its reach very soon.  Painted only in white and apple green, every surface has been branded with witticisms and quips, to the point that I felt that everything was alive and addressing me like on Pee-Wee’s Playhouse.  A plasma television plays a loop of “SwichTV”, humorous mini-movies about how totally amazing the sandwiches are, without ever showing the product or actually addressing anything.  Oh, post-modernism!  Thank you for coming full circle!

So are the sandwiches?  Uh, they’re good.  That’s all I can say.  I had the “Tuna-na-na”, a tuna, tomato, and artichoke on seven grain.  It was straightforward, on a lunch break style sandwich.  One thing that might make me choose these sandwiches over others is the style of the bread.  I like bread, but when it’s so thick sliced that it overtakes the interior action, or worse, is so crusty that it shreds my mouth Capt’n Crunch-style, it’s a no-go.  Swich’s bread is just thick enough to contain the goodness, but not so thin it goes dry. 

The real star of the place is not the sandwich, in my opinion, but the sweet potato chips.  OMG, these puppies are cut potato chip thin, but are slightly soft, fully sweet, and sprinkled with just enough course kosher salt.  I’ll likely just get a bag of those charmers to go in the future. 

What did I do with the rest of my day?

OH I DON’T KNOW, maybe I got my photo taken with A GIANT SKUNK.





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