Stuffed Pork O’ Lantern!

So, real quick, I know it isn’t Halloween, BUT that doesn’t stop anyone else from dressing up all crazy all the time, so why should my dinner be any different? Right? Everyday should be Halloween! Right? Right! Actually I just wanted to jazz up my Grama’s old school Stuffed Pepper recipe, so it generally goes a little something like this, 2 cups rice, tomato sauce, 1/2 pound beef, onions, salt, pepper, and two Hollowed out peppers. In this case I changed beef for spicey ground sausage, and regular tomato sauce for my homemade spaghetti sauce. And one dumb old pepper.. with.. a dumb ol’ pepper with peepers and a grin!


I must say that the addition of the sausage is a relatively nice change of pace from the ground beef standard. And I think Zena and Paul think so too.

Zena and Paul Eat!




  1. this pretty smart. I imagine this also working well with tomato, or maybe an orange or grapefruit rind, or a PUMPKIN! Imagine all the ground meat that would go into a full-sized pumpkin! oh GOD!

  2. at my moms house i do all the cooking. this is what i’ll be making tonight but of course with ground deer meat. YUM

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