Brief about Beef

I went to Richmond VA recently, so that i could check out VCU and also so i could visit with some people who I NEVER see. After a night of medium to moderate drinking I was ready for some medium to moderate site seeing and local eats type stuff. Fortunately for me I was in good company.

thowing sticks at dicks

Meet Peter and Jess. Here we are in the Hollywood Cemetery, throwing sticks at dicks. W e had, at this point, visited the grave of one US president, and the grave of one semi  US President, and were waiting on Chatham and Justin to arrive so that we could further explore all of Richmond’s riches. After visiting the capital building, and the home of the first black woman to start a bank, we went to Carrytown Burgers and fries. I have been on kind of a quest to find a perfect burger, and Chatam and Justin suggested that I might find a contender there.

how very

How good is that? If you order like $25 worth of shit they will give you this shirt for free. And the burgers here are really silly. Not nearly as impressive as the hand pattied madness from the Penguin in NC, but still hugely massive. After perusing the one menu available, I asked  the owner what the regulars get. But when she told me it involved mushrooms, I opted for the Barnyard Brawl, which says that it comes with “everything from the barn” on it. This included, one burger, cheese, chicken fingers, lettuce, tomato, bacon, and one fried egg.  Need less to say, I am at this point pretty much sold.

the barn yard brawl

This is Peter’s lovely picture of the burger in all of it’s meaty glory. I felt sort of guilty for the piggy burger I was about to eat. But only slightly, especially since Chatam and Justin were eating veggie burgers right across the way from the ridiculous  meatiness of my own meal. This feeling  was soon whisked away down ariver of flavor on a raft of  beef , chicken, and egg, with  bacon oars.Justin And Chatam

Actually, while the burger wasn’t exactly sub-par, it certainly wasn’t awesome. I would say that it was less of a Brawl than a squabble. Actually a tiff. However in the big plus category, Carrytown Burgers and Fries has a lot of character and sass, and that goes a long way for me. The fries weren’t bad either.



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