Cadbury: An Egg-cellent Tradition

It’s that time of year again, kittens! It’s not quite Valentine’s Day yet, and St. Paddy’s is a long way off…which means Easter is even further away. But this is AMERICA, so the beginning of February is the PERFECT time to start selling my favorite Easter candy: THE CADBURY CREME EGG!!!!!

I was at Duane Reade today buying some envelopes and they had a box of these delicious babies at the counter and I fell for it. I bought 2 – one for me, one for thu! I must admit, I practically swallowed the thing whole as soon as I left the store…. Let’s take a look at this egg-citing tradition…I’ve been thinking about that creamy little treat all day!

A Brief History: According to the Cadbury Creme Egg Wikipedia site, filled eggs were first manufactured by the Cadbury Brothers in the early 1920s, but the Creme Egg in its current form was not released until 1971. The eggs are manufactured at the Bournville factory in Birmingham at the rate of 1.5 million per day! Approximately 200 million eggs are sold every year!

The fondant filling is solid when the eggs are made, then injected with an enzyme which causes it to liquify into the gooey substance found in the finished product. Grossify me!

If you must know, here is a link to the Creme Egg nutritional information!

This is a link to the Official Cadbury Creme Egg site, and it’s also pretty weird:

It’s called a History of Goo-ology and features lots of oddities… Seriously their entire marketing campaign is weird, but in a good way. Under the Fantasies section are a bunch of short videos or commercials that depict strange ways for Eggs to get smashed. They’re a bit frightening… There’s an online game called Eggs and Ladders, which is really hard…but anyways, watch those videos, they’re wildly weird.

Here is a video released in August of 2007 for the Cadbury chocolate company. It has nothing to do with chocolate, but Phil Collins is the man.

While we’re at it, Cadbury has some other chocolate products that sound amazing. We don’t get much besides Creme Eggs, Mini Eggs (which are equally awesome), and Caramello’s (remember those?). I wish we could get some of these others in the States, particularly this one called WISPA, apparently making a comeback now from the 80s. It’s advertised as “the bubbly 80s favourite”. I’d also like to try the Picnic (wafer, caramel, peanuts, raisins, chocolate) and the Crunchie (honeycomb dipped in chocolate).

I’ll end this with some of the best uses of the Creme Egg from other parts of the world….who knew?



  1. i am a big fan of british cadbury products, to the point where i will pay $2 for a bar at fancy (and occasionally your friendly neighborhood bodegas) markets. crunchie’s are pretty solid but cadburys makes what might be my favorite candybar of all time, the flake. and in england, mcdonalds serves the 99 flake, which is an ice cream cone with a little flake bar shoved into it. its pretty fucking sweet.

  2. sorry but that shit makes my mouth burn when i eat it. I always eat it anyway, and then i am mildly dissapointed with what happens in my mouth, yet equally as frequently suprised, but, at my inability to stick to my guns and just not fucking eat them, let alone with the market staying power of this weird candy. PS..their marketing has always been creepy, dont they have a clucking rabbit as their mascot? I mean i get it but..WTF? It’s like how werthers origonals arrived on the market as “classic” despite the fact that no one had ever heard of it till like 1989 or 90. Although, to be fair it has been around since 1903. IN EUROPE. Here is the song from the origonal commercial…try not to tear up…

    “On an ordinary day /a child’s bright laughter fills the air/ one loving word/
    one loving glance/ there’s sunshine everywhere
    Your Werther’s are his Werther’s too/ So glistening, with its golden glow
    So sweet and creamy, it tastes so good/ You’re so alike the two of you.
    Werther’s and that feeling/ That you never will forget
    When one who loves you says to you/ You’re someone very special too.”

    NONE of my grandparents ever slipped a werther’s into my mouth in an attempt to let me have “that feeling” that “tastes so good”. Maybe it’s cause it’s only kinda good. How gay would I be today if they had? Handicapp hangtag gay.

  3. Wow, way to get the whole staff to weigh in on this one, E-rock.
    You can totally buy Picnic and the other candy bars in city. I picked one up right before I met you for that kooky interview.
    And I’m pretty sure the egg crushing must be a fetish for someone.

  4. ok so who will enlighten me on where to get one of these delicious british candies???

    also, z, who DOESN’T love a cadbury’s?? even when it burns your mouth, you have to eat at least ONE every season!!! 🙂

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