Aecht Schlenferla Rauchbier! Sausage Beer!!!

steve.jpgSteve. dave.png Dave. (Me.)

Sunday night, after a tiring day of serving soul food to librarians, I met up with Steven J. Probert at La Cave Du Vin in Coventry, for some libation. I like the wine bar because it seems the only place near my home, where I can go for a beer without having to watch John Carrol’s class of 2010 grope each other to Nickelback and Carlos Santana’s  musical chud baby. There are no wing specials, but there is brie; which makes me a happy camper. And now that Dana Hardy has joined the ranks of their alcohol cognoscenti, I am there a lot. This of course means that I am drinking lots of fancy, fancy beer. On this particular visit, after drinking one of my personal favorites, the Aventinus Doppelbock, I decided to take a look at their seasonal beer list. It was there that I spied, “SAUSAGE BEER!!”

Sausage Beer!Calling to me like some meat beacon I had to try it.
This beer is made in Germany, is still tapped from old wooden barrels, and has been produced the same way since 1678! I have to say this stuff does indeed taste just like a Pepperidge Farm Christmas sausage thats been soaking in some beer. The flavor comes from a process where in the actual barley that the beer is brewed from is smoked, and then brewed, giving it that distinctive meaty flavor down deep. Steve, mostly a vegetarian, did not want to try my beer. All in all, not as good as eating some sausage, but damn close. Thanks Wine Cave for bringing me a confusing and delicious experience.



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