SPEAKING OF BETTER LATE THAN NEVER, here are photos from the premiere of the XMAS SPECIAL!!!


Thanks again for coming out! It was a good time!!! Thanks to Peter Van Hyning and Erika Neola for taking these photos.

Here is Zachariah Durr, our emcee for the evening. We started out the evening watching a few of his short films, which can also be found on his youtube site. The first series were his “NYC Updates” which are about his dime a dozen experiences as an artist/comedian just moving to NYC. As our protagonist, he walks us through it, with exaggerated excitement as he literally bites in to big granny smith apples and drinks bottles of whiskey he pulls out of the toilet. Despite the roller coaster of emotions that ensues, he retains a spark of optimism through his despair. Haha!

The second thing he showed was “Art Film,” which mainly entailed him “eating a cake and then singing a song about it,” but obviously using cake-eating as a metaphor for something regarding life. It’s cool because he is popping out of this hole every time something happens.




Oh wait, but before that even, was this rowdy tot named Cougar Atreyu, who danced his way into all of our hearts to warm up the crowd before the videos started. Look at everyone laughing and clapping. He is doing a really good job.


Bad Brilliance also hung out.




Here are some more photos:









It was pretty awesome, and then it was over. We all clapped and waved goodbye.


It seems like a little bit of a haze, especially one month later. I’ll see you later!!! I promise to be less lazy about blogging in the future.


2 thoughts on “SPEAKING OF BETTER LATE THAN NEVER, here are photos from the premiere of the XMAS SPECIAL!!!

  1. THU! Number one stunna! your look is fucking classy. total wicked beauty. Congrats kids…PS peter wins for most depressing whimsy.

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