Better late than never.. More adventuresome thankgiving stuff!

me and jess the sis

During my stay in SC, my sister was kind enough to indulge me in a road trip to North Carolina, where i went to high school so that we could run into some of my friends. Here we are happy and freshly showered, ready to hit the road.

Morgan..the one and only

here is Morgan, my best friend from high school and the only person who’s happier than a pig in shit eating pickle chips dipped in mayo. I told her i needed some serious eating to happen, and she took me to the Penguin. Established in like 1950, the penguin has been doing BBQ and burgers FOREVER. Recently though they have become something of a hipster spot, with all of the staff being grungy tattooed twenty-somethings, needless to say during Thanksgiving weekend they are really packed. But thats ok, they have hot chocolate on special, with a shot of vanilla stoli just to get you good and warm while you wait outside.

morgan and the triple hemmy.

Here is Morgan enjoying her hand dipped corn-dog, obviously in a state of phallic ecstasy. In front of her is my order THE TRIPLE HEMMY! Named after the engine, this burger is three patties, with cheese, of pure burger. Weighing in at a full pound of beef before cooking, it is so huge it is held together with a dowel rod. A DOWEL ROD PEOPLE!

me teaching the hemmy a lesson.

Here I am taking care of business. As you can tell this was taken well after i had eaten most of the burger, and I cleared that thing like a champ. The Penguin serves all of their fries and things A la Carte, because most of the shit is so big eating a side with it is piggy. I opted to split some sweet fries with the table.

Eddies breakfast..

The next morning after a night of drinking and watching the Season finale of Weeds, we went to Eddie’s Place for breakfast, to really put the cap on a foodie weekend.. Here is what i had. Eddie’s does a special, Cup of coffee or juice, and an entree, my choice… breakfast potato skins. Topped with avocado, chorizo and scrambled eggs, it’s amazing.

The sister and I said bye to Morgan and North Carolina, and headed back to Charelston, to attend her best friend Amanda’s Birthday oyster roast. I must say, that i kind of hate shell fish, but i obliged her anyway. We drove for miles to what looked like a cult group’s compound, to find all of Amanda’s family and friends whooping it up around a huge bonfire.The evilest Amanda. Here is Amanda. Sent straight from hell to talk me into eating some oysters against my better judgement.

clam. pussy joke.

Here I am enjoying some of the sea’s finest fruit. Not great, but not bad all in all.

The next day, Mom, Jess and Grama went to Downtown Charleston to eat at a restaurant listed on Holly To our dismay it was closed. However, we chose a place near there because we were so hungry we didn’t even mind that it was called “the Crab House” (not to be confused with the “the crab shack” not to far down the road. The house speciality? Fried crab sandwich!


Here is what I ordered. When I read the menu, there were two crab dishes listed under sandwiches. One the crab patty sandwich, the other the crab sandwich. When I asked the waitress how it was prepared, she replied “it’s breaded and fried”, but nothing could have prepared me for the arachnid delicacy i was about to ingest.

“eat me!”jess’ she crab soup

Here Jessica and i are a bit reluctant to try our dishes, Jess opted for what turned out to be a terrible She-crab Soup. My dish however was extremely edible and delicious. Before i wrap this up, a word about the soft shelled crab…

The soft shelled crab molts. On a regular basis, it sheds it’s hard outer shell to reveal a new fresh soft-shell underneath. If you catch them during one of there regular molting cycles, before their shell has had a chance to harden again, they are very very good to eat.

All in all a very successful trip to SC. The End.

PS Erika Ate a burger from Rally’s to celebrate my return!

erika’s burger

BFF! Yeah!!!



  1. this is dave, and I am at the case library as i write this… rally’s is checker’s. One in the same, dog. It’s like Tops and Bi-Lo…both feature “our produce is better because of walter” dose anyone else remember that shit?

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